Going on Vacation

One day I would love to take my son to Florida so he can experience the magic that is Disney World! Some people may not like Disney World (they have no heart), but seriously, any vacation you take with a baby is going to be difficult! One has to be well prepared for any thing that can happen while you are away from home. So, if I were to go to Disney this would be on my list of things to bring.

  1. A suitcaseHaving a suitcase (or a duffle bag of some-sort) is the number one thing you need to have with you when traveling to anywhere. Without one, you would have nowhere to put your clothes, your toiletries etc. You can’t go on vacation without a change of clothes or your toothbrush. I mean, you can but I don’t think anyone would want to come near you after a couple of days of wearing the same clothes… Personally, I bought the American Tourister, the official luggage of Disney World.
  2. An emergency kit: An emergency kit contains everything that you would need in an emergency! These things include a thermometer, pain medicine, a medicine dispenser, nail clippers, bandaids etc. This is the kit we got at our baby shower.
  3. Toiletries: Like I was saying earlier, nobody is going to want to come near you if you don’t bring some soap, a toothbrush or toothpaste. Luckily, you can buy these things in travel sizes like this one, for you and your children.
  4. Sunscreen: Sunscreen is very important if you are fair skinned or prone to getting sunburns. It helps protect you and your baby’s delicate skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Going to Disney World requires being out in the sun most of the day, so this is a life saver.
  5. Stroller: After a while, carrying a 15 pound 5-month-old baby is going to get tiring, so a stroller is a must have item. It also doubles as a bag carrier for you and your baby’s stuff.
  6. Comfortable shoes: Make sure to buy comfortable shoes for walking long distances. You do not want to have blisters on your feet at the end of the day because of your poor choice in shoes (ouch).
  7. (Optional) Portable phone/camera charger: On your Disney trip you’re going to want to document all of life’s special moments. You’ll also want your phone charged in case you get separated from your group. Make sure you always have battery power with a portable charger! Otherwise, make sure to bring your regular charger and have your appliances charged the night before.