When your dad first told me that he was going to be leaving for two weeks of annual training I was worried. As the time for him to leave came closer, I grew more and more worried. After all, I am a first-time mom and I’ve never had to do this before. I’m used to being at home with you pretty much all day, but at the end of the work day your dad comes home and I’m no longer alone. I’ve never had to be without him for more than a couple of days tops, so this has been a change.

Thankfully, your grandparents, your aunt, and your uncle have come by many times to keep me company and I am grateful to them for that. I was especially thankful for their company when a major storm hit and caused a power outage. After a couple of days being alone, my mom came all the way from Georgia to visit for a bit. She was so excited to see you again and you seemed super excited as well. Sadly, on the night of her return, you were very colicky and you cried up a storm. It took us a while to get you to sleep and I was so saddened by your cries. I am so glad she was there with me when this happened because I would’ve cried along with you. On a happier note, you learned to roll from back to belly and since then you have been a little ball of energy.

Although I wasn’t completely alone, it was not the easiest experience and I give major props to all of the single moms out there. They are alone day in and day out and have to raise their child by themselves. Your dad was only going to be gone for two weeks and I did not know how I would do. I can’t imagine what it is like to be alone every single day. Of course, since he is in the Military, there may come a time when he will leave for much longer so I will have to accustom myself to this.

When you get married to someone you can only imagine what your life with them will be like, but you never truly know how life with them will play out. I knew it wouldn’t be the easiest life being married to a Soldier in the Army, but I was willing to take that chance with him. I can truly say that I am beyond happy to have married your dad and have taken that chance. Life is not always the easiest and it never will be, but I am okay with that. I am proud of him and how far we have come as a family.