Our first trip to the water park!

Our first trip to the water park with you went much smoother than we expected! Since we had planned on going the day before and it started to rain, we had everything that we needed. All we had to do was pack up and go. On our way there you fell asleep in your car seat so we just popped you into the stroller and you continued sleeping for a good while. It took a while for your grandma, aunt, and uncle to arrive and by the time they did arrive, an hour had already passed! Your dad had gone on the slides about 3 times and I just sat and waited for them. More people were starting to come in so I had to keep people from taking our chairs.

Anyways, when you finally woke up we changed you into your little swim trunks, water diaper and headed over to the little children’s area. You’d think that they would warm up the water for the little kids to be warm, but no. We sat you down in the water and you started to cry! The water was cold and you didn’t like it at first, but it didn’t take you long to get used to it… We decided not to let you sit there for too long as the sun was beating down on our backs. The risk of you getting a burn was not worth the fun. Other than that, we all enjoyed ourselves and I can’t wait until we go to the pool again when you’re older.

On another note, it is important when you are taking your baby out in the sun to take the proper precautions to prevent sunburn. A baby’s skin is more delicate than ours so it needs more attention! I am no pediatrician, just a mom who likes to research a lot and you should always talk to your pediatrician about what is good for your child, and from there you decide what is right for them. Based on my research, I have read that it is important to put sunscreen on your baby (if they are 6 months or older) before they go outside. Otherwise make sure that they wear a long sleeve cotton shirt, pants and a hat when going out in the sun. Personally, I like Babyganics as it is an organic sunscreen and has good coverage! Also, this hat for boys and this cute little hat for girls is perfect for protecting your bundle of joy from the sun’s harsh rays. If you really want to add some more protection why not add some sunglasses as well?

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