Happy Holidays!

It is December one of my favorite times of the year! I love all the Holidays, all of the joy, all of the decorations. It just feels like a time where everyone comes together and just has fun. This year will be your very first Christmas and I am so excited for you to open all of your presents. Sadly, we do not have much money this year to buy everyone presents, but hopefully next year will be better. We don’t even have the money to take professional pictures of you on this holiday, and your dad knows I would love to have had your pictures taken… Luckily, we have your great grandpa who happens to know Santa Clause and we got to take some family pictures with him this year! It all looks very professional and I even took some pictures of you and our tree with my camera. I am just one of those people who love the little things like watching the fireworks every year even though it’s always the same thing. I love Christmas, I love Valentine’s Day, I love Mother’s Day I love Birthday’s I love all the Holidays.. I even love surprises. I am probably the easiest person to make happy. All you have to do is buy me a card and pretend to enjoy all of the things I do for each Holiday (like dressing up) haha. I made your dad go with us to take pictures with Santa and I even tried to make us all match. I am one of those annoying parents who likes to dress up the whole family in the same outfits and take a picture together. I know, its annoying, but I love it.

On another note, I know It has been so long since I have written anything and I feel so bad about it! I wanted you to be able to read all about your life..Yeah, I know, your life has barely begun and I have so many years to write, but I wanted to write about all of it. I want to take all of these monthly pictures and Holiday pictures, because as I said I love it. But sometimes I just get too lazy to do anything even though I want to be like all the other moms who take monthly pictures of their babies, and make food for their babies. Sometimes, life just happens and I can’t do all these things I want to do… Sometimes my own emotions bring me down and I just don’t feel like doing anything… I see people on Facebook all the time who have the cutest pictures of their babies every month and I have been slacking in that department I know. Looking back on this I am going to regret it I know because I would have liked for you to look back on all of your life. Its also that I am enjoying the moment too much to even want to take a picture and I don’t want to take pictures all the time. Hopefully though I can continue to be more proactive with you and do all the things I want to do and not let my anxiety or my feelings get the best of me.


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