When Fever Strikes 

Unfortunately, you’ve come down with a fever and I don’t know the cause of it. There are no signs of a cold – no coughing, no sniffling – just lots of sleeping and crying. I’m beginning to think you might be cutting a tooth and that’s causing your high fever because you keep trying to rip my… Anyways, when we brought you to the doctors all they said was you are developing a cold. Still, no signs of anything. If this is teething, then I’m not looking forward to when you actually have teeth (ouch). For now, I am just keeping an eye out to see if anything else develops (hopefully not).

A good tool for checking a baby’s temperature is a thermometer, of course. (We got this cute little kit in our registry and it came with a thermometer among other things). Doctors always tell me a rectal thermometer is more accurate, but I was always scared to use it! “Who wants to stick a thermometer up their baby’s butt” I always wondered, but with your high fever, I had to tough it up. It actually was a lot easier than I thought, just stick the little mercury silver part with some petroleum jelly in there and keep the baby still. That is actually the hardest part because it takes so long for it to read your temperature… I’m debating buying this one because it would be easier and we’ll just keep the forehead thermometer for us and the other thermometer for you.

Anyways, you’re in your bassinet tonight so I can observe you in case anything should happen. The fact that you’re not feeling well is upsetting. I was hoping we could go a while without you getting sick, but it was unavoidable. Hopefully, you’re better tomorrow, otherwise back to the doctors we go 😦


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